Direct Access

No prescription is needed! Read the provided information about Direct Access to see if it applies to your need.

Direct Access laws have been signed by legislative officials in 48 states, allowing you to come to see us without a prescription or a referral from a physician. You have the freedom and flexibility of going to your preferred clinic to receive the resources and treatment you require from a physical therapist.

Direct Access allows you to visit any physical therapy clinic you choose; it will also save you money. How? Because you can eliminate an unnecessary visit to your primary care doctor for that referral or prescription. That’s money saved on a co-pay! Additionally, your treatment will begin faster by going directly to your therapist first.

You now have control over your health and where you go for physical therapy needs. Remember, with Direct Access, you can go directly to any physical therapist you wish to see without a physician’s prescription or referral.

Click here to review the Tennessee Board of Physical Therapy Position Statement Direct Access to Physical Therapy

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